Getting Our Money Back

Attorney General's Energy Task Force Enforcement Action 1999-Present 1 9 Dollars in Millions
  Total Value Direct Ratepayer Relief 2 Ratepayer Benefit from Longterm Contract Reduction 3 Other Payments 4 Solar Retrofit Generation Assets 5
Constellation $2.5m - - $1.25m Y -
Calpine $6m - - $1.5m Y -
Williams $417m - $180 $232.5m Y Y
El Paso Electric $15.5m $15.5m - - - -
El Paso Corporation $1625m 1325m $125m $159.4m - -
Portland General Electric $6.1m $6.1m - - - -
Dynegy/NRG/West Coast Power $281.5m 6 $256.4m - $16.3m - -
Duke Energy (& Affiliates) $207.5m $172m - $35.5m - -
Mirant (& Affiliates) $749.7m $495m 7 - $250m 8 - Y
Enron $1522.5m $230m 10 - $45m - -
Reliant $460m $430.5m - $29.5m - -
Public Service of Colorado $7.15m $7m - - - -
Idacorp (subsidiaries) $24.2m 24.2m - - - -
Totals 5324.6m $2961.7m $305m $741.45m n/a n/a
  1. California parties to settlements include Attorney General’s Office, California Department of Water Resources, Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, Electricity Oversight Board and California Public Utilities Commission
  2. “Direct Ratepayer Relief” includes money allocated to utilities to provide refunds or other financial benefits to ratepayers to reduce ratepayers’ obligation to retire state energy purchase debt or reduce ratepayers’ obligation under utility bankruptcy reorganization.
  3. “Longterm Contract Reduction” means potential savings off costs of longterm energy contracts with company.
  4. “Other Payments” include money provided to local agencies to fund energy efficiency and anti-pollution projects, cash payments to other plaintiffs, governmental agencies, or market participants, estimated value of generation assets and solar retrofit projects, and other non-cash consideration.
  5. “Generation Assets include power plants and peaker turbines.
  6. Dynegy settlement resolved only refund liability. Enforcement actions remain pending.
  7. Mirant figure for “direct ratepayer relief ” includes $175 million allowed claim in bankruptcy case.
  8. Mirant figure for “other payments” represent consideration to resolve PG&E claims related to reliability must run contracts.
  9. Figures do not include longterm contract reductions or refund settlements negotiated separately by state or utilities.
  10. Enron ratepayer benefit figure is estimate based on projected $1.45 billion payout in unsecured and subordinate claims in bankruptcy proceeding.