Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement

Special Agent Badge Established in 1927, BNE is the oldest narcotic enforcement bureau in the United States. BNE programs target major drug dealers, violent career criminals, clandestine drug manufacturers and violators of prescription drug laws.

BNE operates and manages a variety of programs in its role as the statewide agency involved in enforcing state and federal drug laws and apprehending violent criminals who use illegal weapons in the commission of crimes. The major programs are described on this website.

BNE carries out its responsibilities through its headquarters office in Sacramento and seven regional offices PDF logo [PDF 263 kb / 1 pg] in the cities of Fresno, Los Angeles, Redding, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco. In addition, 48 regional narcotic task forces are operated by the Bureau.

2006 Drug Seizures Statistics
Illegal Drug Seized Total Estimated Value
METHAMPHETAMINE 420.9 lbs. $1,372,016.00
METHAMPHETAMINE (liquid) .99 gal. $37,800.00
COCAINE 835 lbs. $34,831,507.00
HEROIN 113 lbs. $1,144,027.00
ECSTASY (MDMA Tablet Form) 72,900 du. $700,075.00
PCP (Liquid Form) 10 gal. $500,000.00
MARIJUANA (other than CAMP) 3,358 lbs. $1,418,794.00
MARIJUANA (plants other than CAMP) 236,526 plants $236,699,500.00