Career Opportunities
Division of Civil Law

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Office Locations: Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Career Opportunities: Attorneys, Paralegals, Auditors, Analysts, Student Interns.

The mission of the Civil Law Division is to provide skilled legal services to state agencies and officials in trial and appellate litigation which includes prosecuting and defending matters in state and federal courts and before various administrative tribunals. The division is organized into eight sections, as summarized below:

Tort and Condemnation Section defends state agencies and employees in lawsuits alleging personal injuries or property damage, handles condemnation actions on behalf of the state.

Business and Tax Section represents the three major state taxing agencies and the major business regulatory agencies involving insurance, banking, and real estate.

Government Law Section provides advice and representation to the stateís seven elected constitutional officers, as well as its fiscal agencies, and handles matters relating to the Public Records Act, contract litigation, and the Attorney Generalís duties relating to ballot initiatives and elections.

Employment, Regulation and Administration Section represents state regulatory and law enforcement agencies in matters such as the revocation and suspension of driversí licenses, discipline of law enforcement officers, and lottery and horse racing issues. It also defends state agencies and employees in major employment litigation.

Licensing Section represents licensing boards, bureaus and commissions in both administrative and trial court proceedings to deny, revoke or suspend licenses in cases brought against state-licensed professionals such as contractors, accountants, auto repair and pest control firms.

Health Quality Enforcement Section brings disciplinary actions against state-licensed physicians and other health-related licensees, which involve both administrative and trial court proceedings.

Health, Education and Welfare Section represents public agencies charged with administering state and local welfare, health, and educational programs.