Notice and Agenda for Regular Meeting of the California Crime Laboratories Task Force (Pen. Code, 11062)

Monthly Meeting

Thursday, January 10, 2008
11am - 4pm
Office of the Attorney General
Room 730
1300 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 323-7956


The Task Force will consider the following items, although the order of business may be changed without prior notice:

  1. Review and approve minutes
  2. Handouts and other new material
  3. Vision and mission statement
  4. Task force priorities
  5. Lab audit reports
  6. Lab and client surveys
  7. Task force member assignments
  8. Potential speakers and presentations

Public Comment: Members of the public will be invited to provide testimony. Speakers are asked to limit their testimony to approximately three (3) minutes, unless previously approved for more time.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Previous Meetings Notice/Agenda

Task Force Vision/Mission Statement

Resume / CV of Task Force Members

Documents and Reports

  1. 2002 USDOJ crime lab survey (methodology & presentation)
  2. 1998 State Auditor's report
  3. 2002/2003 DOJ survey/report on California crime labs


The California Crime Laboratories Task Force, and any committees thereof, comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act by ensuring that the meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities, and providing that this notice and information given to the members of the Task Force is available to the public in appropriate alternative formats when requested. If you need further assistance, including disability-related modifications or accommodations, you may contact Colleen Higgins at the Department of Justice at (916) 323-7956 or by email at

Questions or requests for additional information prior to the Task Force meeting may be referred to Colleen Higgins at the Department of Justice at (916) 323-7956 or by email at